Episode #14: Strategic Insights for Marketing to Moms

branding Nov 26, 2020
 Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast, we are so excited to speak to today’s guest “marketing to moms expert” Aviva Allen.

Aviva is the founder of Healthy Moms a Toronto-based marketing company that connects local and online businesses offering health-focused, natural, or sustainable products and services with their ideal customers. With her community of over 20, 000 members and her discount card Aviva knows what resonates with moms and understands their wants and needs as well as what they struggle with.

Episode Highlights:

  • The story of how Healthy Moms started and evolved into the business it is today
  • About the Healthy Moms brand vibe, logo, and colours
  • How Healthy Moms services both the B2C and B2B market to help other businesses grow
  • Insights about developing a marketing strategy targeted to a mom-focused audience
  • Why is it important to understand your ideal customer avatar
  • Recommendation for keeping up with...
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Episode #13: Starting Out Right - Strategies For a New Business

branding Nov 19, 2020

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective Podcast, we are your hosts Erin Williams and Nathalie Amlani and we are so excited to speak to today’s guest a business strategist who helps entrepreneurs launch and grow successful businesses Johana Schwartzman.

Johana is the founder of GoBlossom Consulting, she is an innovative thinking marketing and business strategist with a Masters in Business Administration and 15+ years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies including General Electric and Capital One, start-ups, small businesses and not-for-profits. She is a trusted advisor to senior leadership teams and works extensively with small businesses nowadays. She focuses on developing strong businesses centered around customers.

Episode Highlights:

  • The story behind Johana’s career and how she stepped into entrepreneurship and started GoBlossom Consulting
  • The inspiration behind Go Blossom Consulting’s brand vibe, colours,...
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Episode #12: Define Your Brand Vibe

branding Nov 12, 2020

Episode Summary:

On today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, Co-host and Web and Brand Design Strategist Erin Dean Williams dives into defining your brand vibe. 

We talk through:

  • What a brand vibe is
  • How visuals compliment your brand vibe
  • Creating the foundation for your brand
  • Your what and your why
  • The feelings behind your brand
  • Identify and talking to your Muse 

Your brand vibe is what will attract your ideal customer, keep them engaged, and create connections and conversions.  It is your expression of your authentic self and uniqueness that will set you apart from others.” ~ Erin Williams

Tune into the full episode for detailed insights and tips on how to elevate your brand and define your vibe.

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Episode #11: Showing up for Introverts

branding mindset Nov 05, 2020
Episode Summary

On today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we welcome Julie Greenham host of The Quiet Powerhouse Podcast and Coach to introverted business owners, Julie helps quiet souls go from being comfortable “behind the scenes”  to being visible to their audience so they can attract their ideal clients, generate more revenue and fearlessly grow their business. 

We talk through:

  • The story behind how Julie pivoted from french Tutor to Introvert Coach
  • How Mindfulness Carries over and have positive effect on every aspect of life
  • Creating and connecting with your brand vibe
  • Owning who you are and your own personality
  • The true fears and issues behind excuses
  • Comparing ourselves to others and self sabotage chatter
  • Stepping into the shoes of the person you want to become
  • Surrounding yourself with like minded people who will lift you up for different results

Business success is an inside job. WE are always comparing ourselves to others’...

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Episode #10: Elevating Your Brand With Commercial Photography

branding Oct 29, 2020

In today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we welcome Trina Turl, a Commercial photographer for major publications and corporate applications and founder of our favourite stock photography website Clio and Fox.   She’s here to talk about her journey and how to elevate your brand through commercial photography.


We talk through:

  • How Trina Got Started in Commercial Photography
  • The types of Commercial Photography and what Trina loves to shoot
  • Tips for successfully planning a commercial photoshoot for your business
  • Insights on whether to DIY or hire a professional when it comes to commercial photography for your business
  • The importance of showing the face behind the business
  • The vision and mission behind Clio and Fox and the inspiration behind the visual branding you see today.  


“If you have an idea that just won’t go away… just do it!  That was what Clio and Fox was for me.” ~ Trina Turl



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Episode #9: Growth of a Product-Based Business and Brand with Social Impact

branding Oct 22, 2020

Episode Summary:

On today’s show of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we welcome Melita Cyril, the creator and founder of Q for Quinn.  A recovering banker and management consultant, Melita Cyril had her eyes (and ears) open for different entrepreneurial ideas during her maternity leave. When her baby boy suffered from eczema and she struggled to find the right socks for his sensitive feet, she started Q for Quinn - a company that sells gentle, comfortable socks for the entire family.  Melita is a mom of two kids and in addition to running Q for Quinn, she is also a children’s book author. Melita holds an MBA from the University of Toronto and a BSc (Hons) Economics from the London School of Economics. 

We talk through:

  • The story behind how Q for Quinn got started
  • The inspiration behind Q for Quinn’s colourful brand
  • The challenges faced as a mother and entrepreneur competing with the bigger brands out there and how she faced it… the...
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Episode #8: Preparing for a Personal Brand Photoshoot

branding Oct 15, 2020
 Today's episode with co-host Nathalie Amlani, dives into "Preparing for a Personal Brand Photoshoot. You may be wondering with the process looks like. Nathalie walks through the client experience that leads to the images that truly showcases the essence of her subjects.   The experience follows these four steps:

Step 1:  Discovery
We start off diving deep into a Discovery Questionnaire. To hone in on who you ideal client is, how you want your audience to feel when they experience your brand, uncovering your brand vibe and the story buckets that showcase the essence of your business.

Step 2: A Strategic Planning Meeting
Where we take your vision and bring it to life, highlighting what makes you unique and stand out from the competition.  An end-to-end plan for your photoshoot is put together including a detailed shot list, sourcing the location, and a guide for what to bring and how to prepare

Step 3: We capture you story

At the Photoshoot, I capture your...

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Episode #7: Leveraging a Podcast to Evolve your Brand

branding Oct 08, 2020

Hello friends and welcome to another episode of the Sunrise Brand Collective, we are so excited to have our guest Emily Milling, Founder, The Ultimate Creative - to talk about how you can Evolve Your Brand and Business with a Podcast.

Emily has produced, hosted, and taught others how to podcast, focusing on strategic brand and content. A comedy podcast junkie herself, she has helped multiple brands earn over $20k annually with their podcasts.

Leveraging a Podcast to Evolve your Brand

People can connect on a deeper level and share more information than a social media post. A podcast is a good addition to marketing mix to amplify sales funnel to get more people who would love working with you. A podcast helps to build trust, it is another touch-point. With a podcast, you can do so much more and connect to people on a deeper level because you can adjust to their learning styles

Getting started with a podcast

One of the biggest barriers to starting a podcast is knowing where to...

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Episode #6: Media Exposure and Inclusive Marketing for Business

branding Oct 01, 2020

In this episode we chat with special guest Jennifer Singh a TV reporter turned PR Strategist, Media Coach and entrepreneur, and founder of She's Newsworthy Media, about 'Media Exposure and Inclusive Marketing for Business'.

Jennifer’s Story

I was taking a look at what’s happening in the world and found an ongoing trend where the majority of experts were older white males, and if these are the only experts being represented in the media then that’s only one one side of the story that we’re hearing. So it was a real epiphany to see that the female voice wasn’t being represented. So I launched She’s Newsworthy Media and I was really determined to figure out how to work from home, as the commute was sucking the life out of me.

How Media Exposure Can help Elevate Your Brand

Real media exposure can set you apart from others in your industry. I always say that we don’t have competition, but there are going to be people who work in the same...

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Episode #5: How Personal Brand Photography Helps a Business Grow

branding Sep 24, 2020

Do you ever wonder what branding photography is and what it can do for your business? In today’s episode I talk about how personal brand photography helps a business grow.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, and that’s especially true when it comes to branding. The quickest way to get your brand identity across is through the images you use on your website and on social media channels. That’s why branding photography is essential for any business owner. Let's take a deeper look into what personal brand photography can do for your business.

Professional images for your brand
Branding photography is a collection of high-quality, professional images created to visually represent your business and demonstrate your brand identity. These photos can include images of you and your team members, your workspace, your products, and any part of your process or daily activities.

Humanize your company
One of the greatest...

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